5 Pre-Fall Trends To Love and Wear Now

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Posted on December 16 2019

5 Pre-Fall Trends To Love and Wear Now

 Trends To Love and Wear Now

The constant fashion cycle of new drops and collections can be hard to keep up with, especially when you have a season like pre-fall with no defined timeline or organised schedule. Houses begin showing their collections as early as November, like Jill Sander for example, and as late as January, as Isabel Marant did last year. Then, the clothes hit the stores just before the summer, which makes it even more confusing.

However, what's great about this season is that it's a great time for acquiring refined, and more down-to-earth versions of existing runway hits. What's more, fabrics are usually lighter, and cuts are more versatile, which allow the pieces to be worn year-round.

In the past few weeks we have seen the arrival of great Pre-Fall 2020 collections, full of amazing trends to inspire us. Check out some of the hottest style ideas you'll want to get your hands on as soon as these they hit the stores:



5 Pre-Fall Trends To Love and Wear Now5 Pre-Fall Trends To Love and Wear Now5 Pre-Fall Trends To Love and Wear Now

(Valentino, Balmain, Jil Sander)


While it's true that lace is a recurring trend almost every season, this pre-fall we saw it take over the workwear realm as a sexy, feminine accent for an office ensemble. Who said lace was too risky for the workplace? It's just a matter of getting the accessories right, like elegant block heel boots and adding an impeccably cut blazer (just like Valentino did) to show everyone who's the boss when it comes to style.

Don't miss how Balmain paired up a black lace blouse over a plaid print or how Jill Sander made romance edgy with a laser cut broderie anglaise dress. There are countless ways to wear it.


Oversize Ruffles

From Max Mara to Balmain and Givenchy, it's all about big, dramatic volume. "We reclaimed the ruffle as a symbol of something that can be sassy rather than romantic," said Max Mara's creative director Ian Griffiths to the press during the brand's Pre-fall 2020 collection launch.


5 Pre-Fall Trends To Love and Wear Nowbalmaingivenchy

(Gucci, Balmain, Givenchy)


Indeed, at Balmain the feeling was similar, with baroque-inspired ruffles that were made edgy with high-waisted trousers. While at Gucci, a skirt with oversized ruffles was balanced out with a loose-fitting tank top.

With so much inspiration, you'll surely be eager to try this right now. The good news is you don't have to wait: check out our Sexy Mesh Bodysuit, it will instantly add that touch of romance and volume to any outfit.


Pleats Please

Pleats are fantastic because they elongate your figure and make you look stylish and put-together even if you've been running around the city all day long. Givenchy gave it a biker-inspired feel, while Chanel infused its pleats with colour and Gucci went for metallics.


(Givenchy, Gucci, Chanel)


The possibilities are endless, and there's practically no wrong way to wear them. At April & Alex we opted for a show-stopping, red evening dress with frill details, pleats and mesh-held layered skirt.


Go For Bold Colours

5 Pre-Fall Trends To Love and Wear Now5 Pre-Fall Trends To Love and Wear Now

(Balmain, Chanel)


The word "fall" (or "pre-fall" for that matter) doesn't mean you can't indulge in bold, beautiful colourful pieces; in fact, it's one of our favourite trends. Chanel was not short of vibrant-hued suits while some of Balmain's standout pieces came in rich jewel tones. 

At April & Alex the work suit gets reinvented with a rich, red hue that will make you the standout at any meeting, while our long sleeve midi skater dress was thought for those boss ladies that know how to take charge of their style.


Smart Layering 

5 Pre-Fall Trends To Love and Wear Now5 Pre-Fall Trends To Love and Wear Now

(Philip Lim, Dior)


Pre-fall usually means stocking up on clothes for weather that is getting colder, but you don't necessarily need all the warm things yet. This is where smart layering comes in. See how Philip Lim plays around with layering blouses underneath statement pieces or how Dior paired up a one-piece suit with a button-down shirt.

We're also huge fans of layers, and we've got some styles that evocate this fun trend. Check out our three-piece waistcoat set —perfect for the office and the after-office— and our two-piece tube dress, fun and elegant in equal measure.

This is just a small roundup of some of our favourite trends, but there are many more stylish ideas to inspire us and make us dream all year long!


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