4 Tips To Power Up Your Wardrobe and Dress Like A Boss Lady

April & Alex

Posted on January 15 2020

Dress Like A Boss Lady

  Dress Like A Boss Lady

Being a boss is about so much more than working to be at the top of your game professionally. It's about taking charge and building the life that you truly want.

And even if you're not quite there yet, it doesn't mean you can't look the part in the process. It all starts with what you do daily. And wearing clothes that make you look and feel your best are a big part of that.



While it's true that it all starts with the right mindset and taking care of yourself, the clothes and accessories you choose to wear also help build that confidence that positively influences your mood and how you project yourself.  

When you think about power dressing, it's still common today to think about "borrowing from the boys". However, today it's become trendier than ever to wear a suit to project femininity and power, especially now that women are adapting traditional office dress codes to make them practical, stylish and suited to their needs.  

To begin, make sure you have at least a couple of strong outfits that make you feel like your best self. The trick is to find pieces that express who you are, that show your personality through your sense of style in a way that is true to you.

Here are a few simple tricks:    


1- Don't be afraid of colour.

While colours like grey, black and blue convey authority and trustworthiness, it's always good to have variety. A great alternative is our powerful red two-piece suit, for example. But if going all-red is too much for your particular taste or office environment, wear either the jacket or the trousers to add colour to your look. What's certain, is that that you won't go unnoticed in this lively hue.   


2- Avoid distracting clothing. 

Be cautious of not showing too much skin, visible panty lines, see-through blouses, or jewellery that is over the top. Your aim is for people to focus on what you're saying not what you're wearing. For example, if you go for one of our blazer dresses and the length is too risqué, wear it over leggings, straight or wide-leg trousers for a classy yet trendy look. Complement it with pumps or even loafers, if that's more your style.  Another fun idea is to throw it over trousers and a blouse and wear it as a long blazer. What's more, this trick works for the after office and casual days too, as it's an ideal piece to wear with jeans.  


3- Don't be afraid to mix it up.

In most cases, high heels and button-down shirts are not compulsory office wear anymore. Try wearing trainers with a suit; it's comfy and still looks put-together, or pair your classic blouse with a denim boob-tube dress. 


4- Pay attention to your upper half.

This is very important considering you will most likely be seated the majority of the time, including during business meetings. While a crisp shirt can make you look more competent and professional, it doesn't have to be a boring choice. Try our three-piece waistcoat set or our arc-sleeved blouse, to show pep and personality in your look.     


Sometimes the right outfit can be all you need for that extra boost of inner confidence, and with these four simple tricks, you have the essentials covered. Aside from a great attitude, being a boss is about getting the right pieces that will help you carry yourself accordingly, and bringing out that side that will help you thrive in anything you do.

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