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April & Alex

Posted on November 23 2019

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Red Wedding Dress

We all get to that point in life where our friends get married around the same time. As much as we love to celebrate with them, its sometimes a bit of a dilemma trying to figure out what to wear. Especially, when you're known to be 'oh so stylish'.

You want to impress but at the same time you do not want to out-shine the bride. You want a dress that will turn the heads of the Groomsmen AND Bridesmaids at the reception, whilst being decent enough for the wedding ceremony.

I was invited to a wedding in London this past Saturday and the theme of the day was 'Red'.

As much as I enjoy hunting for my next-best-find, I hate to do this under pressure. So there I was, trailing through London in search of the perfect red dress.

Finding a red dress on the streets of London was not the hardest thing. However, finding one that would define me and my sense of style; one that I wouldn't see on any of the four-hundred-and-ninety-nine invited guests, was more of a challenge.

I had a look through all my usual special places; from the high-street stores to the designer boutiques.

I made my way up to the contemporary section of a well-loved department store, marvelling at the stunning new pieces you would struggle to find anywhere else - from a remarkably expensive but stunning sculpted skirt by Mary Katrantzou, to Victoria Beckham's well-tailored, form-fitting posh dresses, to an embellished skirt suit by Eudon Choi, to the interesting mix of patterns seen in Sacai Luck's shirt dresses. Understandably, I soon forgot what I had set out to find!

Fashionably fulfilled but without a unique, affordable find, I decided to consult my good friend, 'Google'

Soon enough, I stumbled upon this April & Alex red evening dress.

It was soooo me!

This would be oh-so-perfect for Saturday, I thought.

£75 later and I was sorted. 

Did heads turn at the wedding?

You Bet!

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