We LOVE LOVE LOVE Manish Arora!!!

April & Alex

Posted on November 21 2019

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Manish Arora!!!

Manish Arora! 

Remember the day you discovered your favourite designer or boutique; you thought you would never love another. Or the way you felt when you met that special man or woman; you know the feeling!

That's the way we felt when we fell in love with Balmain many years ago. Oh yes, Balmain. And we thought we could never come across another brand that would so deeply inspire us. 

And yet we did!

Oh YES, we are now in a polygamous relationship with Balmain AND Manish Arora.

The way we met Arora; ohhhh the way we met! In the simplest way possible, nothing fancy, nothing over-the-top, nothing expensive. We met at an outlet store in Dubai, 8 years ago.

Yes we know what you're thinking - designer outlet stores CAN be overwhelming. You would think the huge SALE signs would be convincing enough but somehow many women just don't get it. We understand the confusion, with clothes scattered all over the place, it takes a real bargain hunter to thrive. 

We LOVE outlet stores and it's not just because we get to buy last seasons stock for a lot less, but because we discover so many brands we never knew existed, and at April & Alex, we are allllll about discovering and celebrating uniqueness.

So, it was while playing the field at this outlet store in Dubai, that we met the other woman.

We laid eyes on this gorgeousness Manish Arora coat and we were sold! 

And then, we lived happily ever after.

As for that complicated love triangle ......... you didn't think we would give it all away did you?

A lady never tells.


(Image: Yannis Vlamos)

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