Coronavirus: Designers Create Face Masks to Flaunt Your Personality and Style

Coronavirus: Designers Create Face Masks to Flaunt Your Personality and Style


As the coronavirus pandemic continues, face coverings have officially become the “trendiest accessory” of the year. And in many countries it has become compulsory to wear masks when venturing outside. 

Fashion has embraced the moment, and designers are getting more creative about infusing personality into their mask designs, with plenty of options to choose from.



Since The Blonds Fall/Winter 2020 collection featured facemasks as a must-have accessory of 2020, countless of other designers have followed suit. We’ve rounded some of the most stylish options that will not only let you express your personal style but also keep you safe in this period.


Jonathan Simkhai 

Went for a minimalist design, versatile in all settings where social distancing can be challenging. While surgical masks and N95 respirators are reserved for medical professionals, this mask has a slit opening, so you can insert a filter for extra protection. What’s more, for every pack purchased, the brand donates a mask to those working in the front lines.


Eugenia Kim

A timeless black mask is something you could wear every day, but a satin one with a birdcage veil design will elevate your look as you go from your grocery runs to your boardroom meetings. Another great thing, five percent off sales will be donated to Ronald McDonald House New York. 



The Mighty Company

If you love all things that sparkle, this glitter mask will be your ultimate summer accessory. It will surely add some pop of colour to your wardrobe, letting you rock the colour trends of the year without trying too hard. For every mask sold, another will be donated to a homeless shelter in Downtown Los Angeles.



St. John

Covering your face doesn’t have to mean giving up your style, and this animal print mask adds a touch of sophistication to your looks. It’s one of the classic designs that you might keep on wearing after the coronavirus has subsided. When you buy a mask, the brand will donate three to those in need.



Juliya Kros 

The Ukrainian label features edgy, fashion-forward masks designed with asymmetrical cuts and leather-like materials. These are ideal for the city girl, perfect for the professional woman.




If you’re looking for something comfortable and quick drying, this stretchy mask made from up-cycled fabrics from the brand’s yoga collection, is perfect to match your workout clothes. The brand has donated over 15,000 masks, and proceeds will be donated to medical workers across America.



Courtyard LA

Channel effortless romance with these masks featuring delicate lace, brocade and silk. The brand is donating masks to medical professionals and homeless people in Downtown Los Angeles.



Anne Sophie Cochevelou

Hands down our favourite mask so far! Edgy April & Alex Girls will love this extravagant mask. It will give you an editorial-worthy look; as if you stepped out from the pages of a magazine. 


Facemasks have quickly become an everyday accessory. With these stylish options, you’ll be able to have fun with fashion, while keeping safe and sound.



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