Helen Flanagan wears April & Alex

Helen Flanagan wears April & Alex


Gorgeous Helen Flanagan best known for playing Rosie Webster in the hit show Coronation street, shows off her beautiful bump in our extravagant crop top. A fitting outfit to show off her baby bump. Helen shows off the versatility of this crop top by wearing it off the shoulder entirely, this opens up the chest and upper arms which elongates the neck making her look graceful. Helen chooses to slick back her hair away from the crop to emphasize the sweetheart neckline, a trend that has certainly grown in popularity. This top is particularly perfect for those with larger busts as the neckline forms two curves in the shape of a heart at the bust to compliment the chest, which conveys a flirty and feminine feel. 


The white organza sleeves bring drama to this outfit, definitely the right choice for a date night or a special event. It's also excellent for balancing out wider hips, as the wide sleeves counteract and draw attention away from hips to give the illusion of an hourglass figure. Not to mention the way the black and white colours complement each other; this colour combination makes this piece timeless and elegant ensuring you always look outstanding.


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