Singer Songwriter Dawn Richard wears April & Alex

Singer Songwriter Dawn Richard wears April & Alex


Multi-talented, singer songwriter and actor Dawn Richard screams suave and elegance in our gorgeous velvet suit. There’s nothing like a woman in a suit that says I’m ambitious and I’m fierce, it’s certainly an outfit that is designed to make a statement.

The jacket is made from beautiful velvet brilliant for autumn and winter, in a decadent black colour, sure to capture the eyes of many. Not to mention, velvet looks marvelous against contrasting fabrics.



The high collar is a feature that is absolutely unique and demonstrates an essence of poise. Coupled with incredible wide puffed sleeve and shoulder pads, it conveys grandeur and opulence for a formal affair.

It’s easy for a suit to appear masculine, to combat this our velvet piece cinches you at the waist to reveal a feminine figure. You have the option of layering a white shirt underneath as Dawn has, to encourage the outfit to appear more casual. Or you can go with a daring approach by wearing nothing at all and revealing your sternum. This immediately alleviates the outfit to inspire a sultry appearance perfect for evening events.





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